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When India went into lockdown to curb the Coronavirus curve, the underprivileged section of the society needed handholding for survival. The basic necessities for a human being, like food, became scarce for the poor as many of them lost their livelihoods. The Government of India and state governments did their best to take relief measures for the poor. But the magnitude of the crisis was so enormous that the Government beckoned citizens from all walks of life to come forward in aid of their fellow countrymen.

It is when the Shaan Foundation stepped up to help the poor and underprivileged brothers and sisters through the food drive initiative Antyoday. During these food drives, we at the Shaan Foundation realised that the Migrants that we were feeding are returning to villages, it's at this time that we decided to leverage this opportunity and launched Project 'Gramoday '. Through our three separate programs on Affordable quality healthcare, Equitable 21st century relevant education, and creating wealth in the rural economy by promoting  Green Industries, we aim to empower and uplift rural India to become Aatmanirbhar and lead a life with Shaan (Dignity).  


Antyoday is a food initiative by the Shaan Foundation, born out of compassion towards fellow citizens from the weaker section of the society to help them sustain themselves during COVID-19. The nationwide lockdown due to the novel Coronavirus has left millions across the nation struggling for food or shelter, with little to no source of livelihood. Every day the country wakes up to stories of hunger and deprivation. It is one such story that our founder, Anurag Trivedi, witnessed which led to the  Antyoday journey. 

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The Gramoday initiative works to rectify the damages to the rural livelihood due to the global pandemic Coronavirus and start the reverse migration process by taking prosperity back to the villages. The long term goal of this initiative is to create inclusive and sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families, and communities across India.

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The Gramyoday model is based on three elements of prosperity ( तन- health, मन- Mind and धन- Wealth), which are a necessity for the sustainable growth of an individual and community. This has lead to the formation of the three nodal programs


The Program focuses on the health and well-being of the rural population by giving them access to quality healthcare facilities at a nominal rate. 

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The program focuses on empowering kids and youth with quality and up-to-date education through library initiatives, mentorship programs  & computer education.

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The program focuses on empowering rural India with employability skills and a platform for selling their organic produce by eliminating any middle man. 

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