Explanation & Discussion

India's Energy Security - Strategies and New Dimensions

February 28, 2021 9:00 AM

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Explanation & Discussion

Disaster Management, NDMA Act, Sendai framework & Finance Commission on Disaster Management

February 27, 2021 9:00 AM

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Explanation & Discussion

Finance commission Chapter 11: Defence and Internal Security

February 21, 2021 2:00 PM

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An in depth chapter wise analysis of  the book

The India way: strategies for an uncertain world

The series will cover:
1. New ideas
2. Language
3. Phraseology for answers
4. Diplomatic nuances
5. Binding text together for essay to make it more appealing.

4 days | Nearly 24 hours | Sat & Sun
Date: 12th, 13th, 19th & 20th September

Competitive exams


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Message from Shaan

Dear all,

This year's UPSC Mains Essay paper has vindicated our book analysis series.

We, at Shaan IAS Academy, is proud to be on point for our dear students in these ways:

  1. In all essays, Best Practices have been covered.
  2. India way and other books have given the rich example set for Essays
  3. Essay 3 have been from internal security
  4. Essay 6 and 7 can be effectively tackled with the best practices of Niti Aayog and National Educational Policy as they have been the underlying theme
  5. Essay 8 and 5 have been direct from our book analysis series.

UPSC 2020 Mains Examinations have validated Shaan IAS Academy Methods!

- Our approach of doing bare acts of government policies and acts have proved beneficial as there have been direct questions from the Farm Act.

- 70 marks from International Relations have made the content enrichment the from India way book a decisive factor.

- Till now 1 essay and 2 questions in GS 1 and 2 have been directly from the covered topic on National Education Policy document.

- Questions on multidimensional poverty, civil service reforms and microfinance have been covered under our India Unlimited book series.

- The detailed Supreme Court judgement series and polity section from various reports have helped in writing quality content in the paper.

What's New

Shaan IAS Academy

A prelims cum mains integrated, “Your priorities” driven program while being syllabus driven and focusing on key Demands of exam.
(1 and 2 year program)


Becoming the pioneer in civil service preparation by moving away from “conventional one size fits all coaching model” to “Individual centric model”


Making students more prudent, efficient, committed, competent and syllabus driven while inculcating civil service relevant skills


Optimism, dynamism and multi-potentiality with creativity and critical thinking in the framework of civil service ethics and constitutional values.

Shaan Foundation is a premium IAS coaching institute for UPSC aspirants which provides exhaustive coaching to crack one of the most decorated and toughest exams in India. Established on 15th June 2018, our academy is committed to nurture, guide and lead the young aspirants towards a dignified future where they can become substantial contributors to our nation's growth.

“A good educational institution is one in which every student feels welcomed and cared for, where a safe and stimulating learning environment exists, where a wide range of learning experiences are offered, and where good physical infrastructure and appropriate resources conducive to learning are available to all students. Attaining these qualities must be the goal of every educational institution.”
We are committed to make every word of it come true for each of our students.

What we do at Shaan

Civil service exams are one of the most daunting and yet the most coveted examinations in India. The syllabus itself is exhaustive, with a plethora of suggested books and guides and numerous coaching institutes in the market. But the most important thing is- Every Aspirant is Unique.

We, at Shaan Foundation, understand that ‘one size fits all’ strategy might not fit the bill for most of our students. So we use an Individual Level strategy to help the aspirants from beginning to conceptualisation and strategy to final-stage execution

Inculcating analytical skills

  • Detailed & multi dimensional discussion on the newspapers
  • Coverage of current affairs on weekends
  • Writing summaries on articles and reports and it’s regular evaluation

Emphasis on articulation & writing

  • Regular questions based on class topics
  • Structure formation through summary of newspaper articles, book reviews and government reports
  • Weekly classes on answer evaluation

Develop understanding

  • Focus on Reading skills
  • Detailed discussion on syllabus and previous year question papers
  • Work on basic concepts like DPSP, preamble etc.
  • Books covering various aspects of syllabus and their comprehension.

Test your Knowledge

Take Quiz

Why Shaan Academy

Approach 1

We ardently believe in an Individual Approach of Teaching and so our batches are limited to small no. students. Through systematic guidance and student-centric curriculum with daily and weekly assignments, we nurture our capable aspirants to explore their full potential.

Approach 2

We prepare our students through an integrated Prelims & Mains Approach with a specific focus on improving their analytical and articulation skills. Our students are equipped with a time optimization strategy to enable them ample time to tackle the comprehensive UPSC syllabus.

Approach 3

Our expert faculty has meticulously designed the content to cover every aspect of the UPSC syllabus. With weekly coverage of different General Studies papers and weekend classes in current events, we ensure that our students are able to connect the dots. 

Our Courses

We offer 3 unique pricing plans.

General Studies
1 Year
Classroom Course
₹ 80,000
Online Course
₹ 40,000
General Studies
2 Year
Classroom Course
₹ 1,50,000
Online Course
₹ 75,000
Optional Subject
1 year
Classroom Course
₹ 30,000
Online Course
₹ 20,000

Hear it from Our Student

UPSC preparations are often considered hectic and cumbersome. However, the faculty’s interesting way of teaching and making hard topics easy has made me comfortable with the syllabus. The chapters are taught in story telling format which makes learning and retention of the chapter easier.Kudos to such great efforts.

Lipika Khatri

UPSC Aspirant

This place will help you find so many unexplored aspects of your character. I have been here for the last 5 months and the best thing I gained here is the conviction that I can clear UPSC. Separate batch for working people, demo classes, lucid and highly systematic teaching methodology is the USP. The students are so conscious, aware and thoughtful; you will always feel as if you are in some privileged group.

Ketan Kishan

UPSC Aspirant

Teaching staff is highly experienced and the presentation of their lectures is very simple and easy to understand. It’s not like the teachers in some institutes who are brilliant in their subjects, but cannot explain the topic in a way student can comprehend easily.The quality of study materials provided by the institute is meticulously designed and really helpful.

Shivam Aggarwal

UPSC Aspirant

SHAAN foundation is the best place for UPSC preparation. Anurag sir’s vision and his wide base of dynamic knowledge mixed with an interesting way of teaching make it unique in all ways. This place makes sure that you don’t treat knowledge as a burden instead it enriches you with knowledge in such a way which no other institution can.The gift of the best teacher is rare and rare is here.According to me this place will help u grow as an individual whose success is assured.

Medhavi Yadav

UPSC Aspirant

UPSC is all about proper guidance and rest all your efforts and hard work. SHAAN Academy I personally believe provides 100% from their side as best guidance and materials. Rest is all upto your efforts and hardwork. Happy Studying...!!

Kapil Dayma

UPSC Aspirant

I Joined Shaan on the very next when the idea of preparing for UPSC barely came into my mind... I am not sure how serious and sure I was about it... I have never been a studious person... I was always an average student who used to run from studies... After joining Shaan, I can say that I enjoy studying and now I am sure that I want to do it... I never feel bored in the classes... the story telling and the interactive sessions make classes lively and a happy place to learn...I will never regret my decision no matter what the result would be...

Kashish Chawla

UPSC Aspirant

I started taking online coaching this year and In my opinion, Anurag Sir is the best you can get for this exam. I used to be very scared of the exam earlier but I feel much lighter now because of Sir’s efforts in making everything easy and understandable. His vision, his knowledge, his way of teaching and his attention towards each student makes the preparation easy. He keeps a record of every student and knows the weaknesses and strengths of them all.

Pooja Yadav

UPSC Aspirant

Sir puts 100% effort from his side, it's now upto us...I would highly recommend others if they are serious about their preparation and looking for guidance.I would like to come back to this page and provide new feedback after this year's exam. All the best everyone.

Sandhya Dubey

UPSC Aspirant


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