The Akshara program aims to empower the children from rural India with quality education so that they can get rid of the clutches of poverty and lead a productive and dignified life. The program is designed to ensure that the under-resourced schools are updated with 21st-century technology. This would lead students to access high-quality education opportunities and gain critical life skills to prepare them for success. 

The migration number stands at approximately 139 million. Children from these families are pulled out of class in the middle of the school year when migration season begins. When they return home months later, they are drastically behind grade level and must repeat the same grade. This educational gap continues to grow wider as the child struggles to learn. Besides migration, other factors such as distance, cost, access, socio-economic constraints and cultural barriers lead to many students dropout of school or discontinue their education.

Our Approach

The program is designed to encourage students and families to stay at school with access to quality education through smart classes and library programmes. 

The public school system's lack of digital infrastructure is met with providing projectors and laptops as teaching tools for teachers to impart lessons thus firing up the imagination of students and improving attendance ratio. 

Besides, school endeavors are widespread in the community where library cum computer training centers are opened in villages to empower youth digitally. The model also works with eminent educators from around the country who provide mentorship to students and guide them towards higher education and a better future.

The program will further help students learn new Indian languages from other states and Foreign languages with help from linguistic masters to broaden their horizons and appreciate the language landscape, which makes India unique.

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Your small contributions go a long way in ensuring that school children in several rural areas across the country have access to high quality education resources. At Shaan Foundation we are committed to creating a knowledge ecosystem in rural India through public libraries.

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Student Felicitation for winning Quiz competition in our Padri Kalan Library. This is to encourage students to develop keen interest in the subject and inculcate a healthy competitive spirit among the students.

July 24, 2021
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